January 9, 2017 at 3:28pm

Week one

Well, week one on ActionRTS is over. It might not look like much right now but I have a bunch of systems in place to make the implementation of the next features a bit more pleasant. I just finished mountable/unmountable actors (Which means anything you can interact with like buildings, vehicles, etc.)

I leave you with my latest progress which includes entering/exiting vehicles and entering/exiting buildings (with a switch to RTS view). There’s a small zoom bug when you exit the terminal but I’ll leave that for later.

Week one progressWeek one progress

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First menus and RTS view These days are all about internal systems. I changed the way cameras works internally which allowed me to have a nice little mechanism in place to
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💣 DESTRUCTION! Had only an hour or two today so I decided to setup a flexible attribute system (see bottom left when I ride the tank). I can now add any attributes