January 27, 2017 at 3:43pm

Week three

While the game still looks the same on the surface, I am getting closer to beginning work on gameplay elements.

This week I succeeded with;

  • Cleaning a ton of code 😴
  • Making a real system for vehicles, with multiple passenger doing different tasks
  • Implementing split-screen with dynamic Drop-In/Drop-Out
  • Coding 30% of the UI system

As you can see with the screenshot below, the UI is somewhat working but I still need to fix some things before moving on.

Next week should be spent working on the following;

  • Finishing the UI system (should take around 2 days)
  • Assign orders to NPCs to dictate their current AI task/state
  • Attributes system for HP and such (Got one right now, it’s crappy)
  • A system for building / placing structures

UI TestUI Test

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